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Here are a few suggestions which I take into account significant:

  1. Provide the design a spot to improve (in this case take away her clothes) in individual.
  1. If she does not have her own, provide a robe that can be worn when not actually shooting.
  1. Before arriving and no bra if possible, ask her to wear loose clothing for a couple of hours. The reason for this is that the lines on the skin created by the tight clothing can take quite some time to disappear.
  1. Get some certain strategy in your mind of what you wish to shoot. If you are controlling the shoot then your model will be less likely to get nervous, this can always change as you go and it is usually fine to ask or invite ideas from your model but. Publish some ideas straight down or printing off of some test images you want to use for creativity or ‘starting points’. If stuff slow down you can always look at your ‘cheat sheet’.
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  1. Offer some bottled water for her to beverage.
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